Pearson Bikes manufacture lightweight aerodynamic carbon fibre bicycle frames with integrated forks, handlebars, brakes and seat posts. Superfast for Ironman triathletes and multi-sport racers. Design engineering, development and manufacturing of new products. Carbon fibre composite components produced by a variety of production methods including autoclave moulding, vacuum bag, compression and bladder moulding. Carbon fibre wheelchairs for everyday and sports use. Pedal plates for cycling in your running shoes to save time in transitions, for duathlons, triathlons, coast to coast and multi-sport races. Custom made bicycles and components. Repair of damaged carbon fibre bike frames and repair of carbon and fibreglass components including kayaks, paddles, motorcycle and car parts. Lightweight compact composite trailer for cycle touring. Sports car manufacturing and composite automobile parts. Small production runs of composite components. Undersea tidal power generation units. Research and development.